Jul 22, 2009

Twilight vs True Blood

I just found out that it is not good to watch the series before reading the book. I have completely lost my interest in reading the Southern Vampire series because I am also watching the HBO series, True Blood. Truth be told, I am not even done with the first 50 pages of the book. But I am only on the 3rd episode of the series. In other words, I am not convinced with the story.

Maybe it has something to do with having read the Twilight series first. I already have pre-conceived ideas on how vampires are. From the Twilight books, I have always imagined that they are good looking and nice people( well maybe just the Cullens). Whereas in True Blood, Bill the vampire is not that good looking. Okay, Edward is seventeen and Bill is like thirty three, but still. And Sookie Stackhouse is nothing like Bella. I sometimes find her stupid and too strong willed for her own good, while I sometimes think Bella just couldn't help it. And the vampire in True Blood has an appetite for revenge. He even killed Sookie's uncle who is very old, for having touched Sookie inappropriately years ago. Edward wouldn't do that and Bella will never asked him to do it. Not that Sookie told Bill to. But still.

Maybe, if I haven't watched the series before I discovered the books, I wouldn't lose that much interest in the story. When I read books, I always imagine how the characters would look like, and having seen how Bill and Sookie look in True Blood, the story doesn't have that much appeal anymore.

But this is not just true for Twilight and True Blood. Even for the Jason Bourne series and books by John Grisham, I have read the book before the movies came out and I enjoyed them because I was not disappointed with the movie characters. They are sometimes, how I imagine them to be. For the Dan Brown series however, I enjoyed the book immensely, but the movies were ho-hum for me. Tom Hanks just didn't fit the character in my mind. In he Harry Potter series, I have read the books long before they were movies and Daniel Radcliffe is okay as Harry.

What about you, do you enjoy a book after watching it first?


sundcarrie said...

First Edward would have done that! He is so jealous he would like to kill Jacob. Have you read all the books.

Second the series was very disappointing after reading the books. True blood doesn't follow the same story line as the books at all. Have you gotten to the staked bar tender?? That is where it takes a huge turn and I just don't see it ever getting close to the books. I have only seen season one.

I love the books and when I watch the show I have to try to think of it as an alternate version of the books. But if you are looking for a lead female like Bella you will have to look elsewhere. This is not a dreamy series whiny wimpy heroine.

Dinah said...

@sundacarrie, Edward wanted to kill Jacob, but didnt. While Bill killed Sookie's grandfather even when the molestation happened years ago. Yes, Sookie didnt forgive the old man, but she didnt tell Bill to kill him either.

Still, I stopped watching True Blood until after I have read the book. I saw until episode 6.

Not that I like Bella, but compared to Sookie, I like her better. Yes, Sookie is no whiny wimpy heroine indeed, but I dont like her for it also. She is juts not my type.

Anyway, thanks very much for the comment and please keep coming back!

Rose Ann said...

sometimes watching the movie first before reading the book series is quite twist of fun. in my case i watched the movie adaptation first so it made me curious and interested to read and look what's in this movie that people are raving about. every movie adaptation from best selling books inevitably face the issue, if the movie satisfy the characters from the book.