Jul 27, 2011

Sundays at Tiffany's by James Patterson

The plot: Jane has a very dominating mother who was divorced from her father. And as she was always ignored by her mother, she has an imaginary friend named Michael. The title refers to their weekly trip at Tiffany's to look at diamonds. But before the visit to Tiffany's, they would always eat this sundae and Jane and Michael would play this game where they would look at people at invent stories about them. During Jane's 9th birthday, Michael disappeared in her life because how the imaginary friend business works. Jane was not supposed to remember about Michael after that but she never forgot. Fast forward to when she was in her 30-something, she was working for her mother but she was a successful producer of a play about her childhood imaginary friend. Jane is kind and her mom is still pushy. Her boyfriend treats her like dirt. And then Michael came back to her life. They fell in love but were not sure what will happen because Michael is an imaginary friend. Michael thought he was there because Jane was dying, only to realize that it was Vivian, Jane's mother who would die. And then he became human and they had 2 kids.

The book had it moments, but while reading this, all I could think about was the movie City of Angels. I cant escape the comparison between Seth and Michael. And I think that City of Angels is better maybe because I saw it first. If I have read of this book before I saw the movie, I may have thought the book is better.

Is that a useful review or what? But judging from the way that I picked up the book at 9pm and was done by 11pm, it was a good read.

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