Sep 19, 2011

Writing an Essay

My son is now in second year high school and while I love reading, it is not one of his many passions. He love music, computer games, board games and basketball but you won't see him with books in his hands! And since writing essays are one of the many projects that they do in school, he is finding it hard to write them. He would always ask me what to write and how to do it. He can't seem to love reading the book and is just doing it to comply with school requirements so I see that he cant relate very well to what he is reading. He would just choose a slim book with big type set and read them for a while before he would start asking me questions! This weekend, I think I finally made him understand that to be able to write a proper essay or reaction paper, he must understand the book first. He must choose a book with a story that he can relate to or at leas find one character that he can admire. And choose one view point from which he can write his reaction. While there are lots of free research paper and essays or book report on the internet that he can find, he still has to learn how to do it on his own. Short cuts can only come later once he has mastered the basics, I always say. And I think their teacher has given them a reading hour at school and then they write their essays at the same time to ensure that they have all read the book with their full attention.

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