Sep 25, 2012

Do You Have A Book In You?

I was reading a friend's blog earlier and I saw one of the questions on the meme was "Do you, or have you ever thought, you have a book in you?" It got me thinking really hard about it and I have to say that this exact moment, I know I would love to write someday, but I don't have yet what it takes to write a good one.  Writing a book, or at least getting published is in my bucket list. But what to write and what it is going to be about, I have no idea yet.  There is no book idea brewing in my head, waiting to be written.  Is it because I can already write what I want to say here in my blogs?  I want to share a story, but what story, and what lesson, I don't know yet.  I really hope I have it somewhere in me to write a book. Hmm, one can always dream.

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