Mar 27, 2013

Kindle Addiction

My Kindle and I are never apart.  She is in my bag when I go to work and I pull her out of the bag anytime there is traffic.  I pull her out after dinner wile the kids are wathcing TV.  I pull her out once I am in bed hoping to read myself to sleep.  Last night, I stayed up until 3am to finish reading a book! And I was late for work because of it.  Anyway, here are the books that I have read recently on my Kindle, in no particular order:

1. A Walk to Remember
2. The Wedding
3. The Bend on the Road
4. The Lucky One
5. Beautiful Creatures
6. Beautiful Chaos
7. Beautiful Darkness
8. Beautiful Redemption
9. Dream Dark
10. The Notebook
11. Bridget Jones' Diary
12. Carnal Innocence
13. Remembrance
14. A book by Nick Hornby (I forgot the title because I deleted it already)
15. then there's one about a girl and her vampire lover (not Twilight)

I am currently reading Time Traveller's Wife but I cant seem to be able to finish it.  Anyway, would load up more light reading books (aka Nora Roberts, etc) to read over the long weekend.  This is now an addiction.

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ehms said...

Your kindle is a girl!