Apr 24, 2013

39 Clues

Ever since I downloaded games on my Kindle, the kids have been fighting over who gets to play first.  The moment I get home, they will raid my bag and get the kindle.  And then they asked me to leave it at home. So anyway, its been more than a week since I finished The Silver Linings Playbook and I have yet to start a new book because I was also hooked playing Free Cell and Spider Solitaire.  Then last night, while the kids were watching a movie on TV and I had the kindle to myself, I started reading 39 Clues that my sister downloaded a month back.  I was hooked! I finished the whole book and was almost done with the second when the kindle almost hit me in the face when I dropped it. I was sleepy! I also woke up at 6am just to read some more and ended up being late for work.  Too bad I had to leave the kindle at home, or I would be reading now as well.  This book reminds of the Percy Jackson series and I guess this one is enough to tide me over the weekend.  I still have to download the Vespers vs Cahills now, before I finish the first series, or I would have major withdrawal symptoms!

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