Nov 12, 2008

Teach A Child To Read

As defined in Wikipedia, reading is the human cognitive process of decoding symbols or syntax for the purpose of deriving meaning (reading comprehension) or constructing meaning. The process involves mastering syntax, semantics and phonics. Syntax is the way words are grouped together to create sentences; semantics is the way these words relate to one another and phonics is the sounds the words make and how they sound that relates to understanding. These skills are needed to make your child become a better reader. In order to develop these skills, you need to expose him to books and reading materials appropriate for his age. Or include reading in all your activities, like let him read the road signs, signs at the park, ads at the mall, the flashing news report on TV and encourage him to try and try again whenever he has difficulty grasping a word or sentence. This kind of exposure to reading will then make him more familiar with written words and will develop his reading comprehension.

As a book lover, I am still encouraging my kids to love books as much as I do. Though they often see me sitting quietly in a corner, lost in my own world and sometimes crying or laughing after reading a page from a book, they have yet to pick up their own book and start reading for the fun of it. Sure, my eldest, 10 years old, would read stories in his school books for assignments, but he still has to read a Harry Potter book on his own. The second son is 5 years old and might be the one who will take after me but he is still learning to read. The youngest at age 4 still do not how to read but loves it when I read aloud to her.

I buy my kids magazines like K-Zone and Disney Princess which they read avidly. I also have the complete set of Narnia and Harry Potter books. When we watch movies based on books, I would often tell my eldest, that if he has the book he would understand this movie better and hopefully, he will pick up the book one day. I hope to turn them into book readers so they can also experience the joy that reading brings.

"Children are made readers on the laps of parents."

-Emile Buchwald

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