Nov 10, 2008

Why Bookish Worm?

I love, love to read. The desire to read began as an escape from a bad childhood. To keep from thinking, I would immerse myself in reading and I could escape to a place where I don't have to worry about anything. But enough about that.
My love affair with reading started through Komiks. There was once a sari-sari store near our house who rents the komiks for I can't remember how much. When its Ate Mhay on the store, I get to read all komiks I want without having to pay for anything. In exchange, I will tell her what komiks to buy, what stories we need to finish on the day this komiks would come out, and who from our renters have'nt returned the copies. I remember it was always difficult for me to sleep after reading a new story from Kilabot. I had lots of fun also with Funny Komiks (remember Niknok?)Hiwaga, Lovelife, Wakasan, and also Liwayway.
In highschool, feeling so very out of place and with very little self esteem at St. Paul, I started to spend all my free time at the library. I then started reading Lualhati Bautista's work like Bata, Bata Pa'no Ka Ginawa, Dekada '70 at Gapo. Then I also started reading Sweet Valley Kids, Twin and High about the twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield. I have also read Nancy Drews, RL Stine and a lot lot more.

So yeah, I read a lot. And this blog is about books and the love of reading.

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