Mar 9, 2009

Carrie by Stephen King

I have heard much about it but only read Carrie by Stephen King last weekend while we were at my sister's house in Taytay. It is was made into a horror movie, but the book made me cry. I was so sorry for poor Carrie.

The story is about a shy high school girl who was frequently the butt of jokes in her school . Her father is dead and her mother was an overzealous, religious fanatic who would rant and rave about damnation, evil and sin and sometimes would send Carrie to the cabinet as punishment. In school, Carrie had her first period during gym class and she was humiliated beyond relief by her classmates laughing and throwing napkins and tampons at her. Then she realized that she had telekinetic powers and began to practice. The girls who humiliated her were given detention and Chris, the biggest bully was prevented from going to the prom. Sue, one of the girls who laughed at her asked her boyfriend Tommy to take Carrie to the prom. At the prom, Carrie and Tommy were crowned Prom King and Queen, and while on stage, they were showered with pigs blood. The prank was initially Chris's idea, that her boyfriend Billy executed. Seeing Carrie drenched in blood, with only her eyes visible made the crowd laugh hysterically. She run outside but somebody put out his feet and she fall flat on her face. When she finally managed to get out of the gym, she fell on the stairs then that was when she realized that she had the power and punished everyone. She died from the loss of blood from the knife wound when her mother tried to kill her. She also killed her mother by stopping her heart.

The gym teacher said, after the fateful event, that she would kill herself before she will teach again, realizing that she could have done a lot more to help Carrie. Sue Snell, who also laughed at Carrie at that incident in the shower, asked her boyfriend to bring the girl to the prom, maybe as an act of atonement. But even those random acts of kindness were not enough to save a girl who had suffered too much.

I was teary-eyed as I finished the book and I realize that this is not a horror story. Carrie is a very sad story.

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