Apr 24, 2009

On Reading

Got this from Beliefnet-Daily Inbox Presents and just thought to share it here...

"[W]e are changed by what we read. Close that book, and you are not the same person anymore. Because of what you just read, your worldview--your understanding, your compassion for others, your ability to engage intelligently with others--has expanded a little. Books help us grow..."

-Pat Williams

Apr 23, 2009

Dan Brown: Angels & Demon

Because a new movie based on the book is to be shown soon, interest for Dan Brown's Angels & Demons has also increased. I liked Da Vinci Code the book, but not so much the movie. I hope this time it will be different. I am still re-reading this book and won't give any spoilers for those who haven't read it yet, but you can check the synopsis here at Wikipedia.