Jun 11, 2009

What's On Your To-Read List?

I have been so busy lately with the kids and opening of classes that I haven't found anytime to read. And here is the latest book that I have yet to read:

The Big Bounce
by Elmore Leonard

Jack Ryan always wanted to play proball. But he couldn't hit a curveball, so he turn his attention to less legal pursuits. A tough guy who likes walking in the razor's edge, he's just met his match-and more- in Nancy. She's a rich man's plaything, seriously into thrills and risk, and together she and Jack are pure heat ready to explode. But when simple housebreaking and burglary give way to the deadly pursuit of a really big score, the stakes suddenly skyrocket. Because violence and double-cross are the name of this game-and it's going to take every ounce of cunning Jack and Nancy possess to survive... each other.

With a story like that, is it worth a read or should I just use the time to sleep?