Aug 27, 2009

Wendy's Delivery Sucks!

Excuse me while I take some time off from reading and just shout this from the top of this Ortigas Building, "WENDY'S DELIVERY SUCKS!!!" And it sucks big time! And to think that the food is not that great anyway!!!

We ordered some food at around 4:03 pm and was told that maximum delivery waiting time would 45 minutes. I called at around 5pm to follow, since we had another history of waiting for a Wendy's delivery that never did came, and was told that the rider left at 4:36. The store nearest us is in Megamall so I was expecting it anytime after that call. It came at 5:22! We all lost our appetite by then!

So if you are hungry, never ever order from Wendy's! You will end up hungry and fuming mad like me!

Aug 22, 2009


I have been reading Thomas Harris' Hannibal , and it is a slow read for me. Not because I am interested in the story. On the contrary, I am so engrossed and fascinated. This is my first Thomas Harris novel although I have seen Red Dragon. But I have to take a break every now and then, lest I have nightmares. Even now, almost at the end of the book, I put it down and try to make sense of the story. I think Hannibal the Cannibal really has that effect on you.

What I like about reading this book is imagining Anthony Hopkins in my head. Since I have not read any of the books yet when I saw the movie, I always imagine him in this book I am reading.

This is really a good book and since that is how far I do reviews here, just check out the plot here. I will look for the two other Thomas Harris books I have missed.

Aug 11, 2009

My Sister's Keeper

I love the book My Sister's Keeper and I won't watch the movie! There, I have said it and although I love Cameron Diaz, I wouldn't let her ruin the book for me.

This book made me cry in its first 25 pages and reading it makes me wonder if I am really a good parent to all of my children. Or am I only the best parent for my youngest, or eldest or middle child? As parents, how do we decide what is the best for our children?

I would recommend this book to all the parents out there, and for all people who have siblings and for all people who know somebody suffering from an illness. Let me just tell you that the ending of this book really jolted me and broke my heart. This book is going to be on my all time favorites, really.

Not much of a review, eh? I'm like a gushing fan right? Well the book is that good. Not a waste of time I tell you. But be prepared to cry.