Aug 22, 2009


I have been reading Thomas Harris' Hannibal , and it is a slow read for me. Not because I am interested in the story. On the contrary, I am so engrossed and fascinated. This is my first Thomas Harris novel although I have seen Red Dragon. But I have to take a break every now and then, lest I have nightmares. Even now, almost at the end of the book, I put it down and try to make sense of the story. I think Hannibal the Cannibal really has that effect on you.

What I like about reading this book is imagining Anthony Hopkins in my head. Since I have not read any of the books yet when I saw the movie, I always imagine him in this book I am reading.

This is really a good book and since that is how far I do reviews here, just check out the plot here. I will look for the two other Thomas Harris books I have missed.


Melissa said...

The books are way better than the movies. I have read them all. I believe the very last one Hannibal Rising, I think was the name, was very disturbing indeed, and it was even more difficult to watch it on the movie.

Dinah said...

@melissa, i agree with you that the books are way better. I am sure to look for the other books, btw. Thanks for the visit!

christina said...

uyy have you read "the time traveler's wife"? ganda din..

Dinah said...

@christina, havent read it yet, but its in my reading list already :-)