Sep 24, 2009

I Love Book Sale!

I love book sale, not just the used book store, but any shop that sells used or new books at low prices. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling! Whenever we go to the mall, I usually gravitate towards a book store. My husband used to shake his head about this but has now grown used to it. He knows that no mall visit is complete for me without a bookstore visit. Even my kids are starting to love browsing in book stores.

Since I have so many books now, somebody asked me if I want to sell some of them. I thought about it and realized that I cant part with my books. I would feel as if I betrayed them if I should sell them! So no book sale from me in the near future. Unless my house is declared a fire hazard, that is!


Charlene said...

I am exactly the same way. In the last town I lived in, the local library always had amazing books for sale for a dollar of fifty cents. I was addicted. If I was having a bad day, I'd stop by and buy a half dozen books for cheap. Love it! And miss it like crazy.

Mom said...

Scholastics does warehouse sales that are open to the public. They are targeted for teachers, but anybody can attend. You can check their website to find out if there is a location near you.

Anonymous said...

you're right.. it's like a part of one's self already.. they said how funny it is to buy books and just filed it.. since we know the story already, we don't need to read it again..

but then, they won't know until they have such great collection.. ^_^

jeremae here.. ;)

Jena Isle said...

You must have a wonderful collection what sort of books do you read?

Anonymous said...

Glad to know I have a kindred spirit in you. :)
I feel the same way about books though I've put on a stop to my spending these days as I want to conquer my TBR first before I buy anything. ^_^