Sep 3, 2009

My Book Shelf

I was inspired to take pictures of my bookshelf because of KyusiReader's bookshelf project. The books in these pictures are not arranged in any order, aside of course from my collection of the Harry Potter, Narnia and Twilight books. And did you know that of these 3 series, I still don't have any of the last books? Yes, I still don't own Breaking Dawn, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and Narnia's Last Battle. But of course, I have them anyway, thanks to ebooks.

This picture below is a big box of books I keep under my table at the office. I have read all of them, but haven't brought them home yet for lack of space. These books I either buy from the mall or they have been given by my bosses who share my love of books.

My next project would be to buy a decent bookshelf and make a list of all the books I own, have read and those that I intend to buy.

How about you, how do you keep your books? If you have a picture of your bookshelf, you may submit them to KyusiReader.


Anonymous said...

Check out my blog, I used pictures of my book shelf to make the background of the layout. I have the same 3 series you do. The only one missing from the picture is Twilight because its on my night stand.

kcatwoman said...

wow you surely have a lot of books, my mom has a lot, and my book treasures are growing too, but i keep them to the ones i like the best and the rest im planning to sell, do you plan to sell some of yours too?

Dinah said...

@mrs marine-you have nice blog. thats a good idea to use your bookshelf for your background!

@kcat, i dont think i can part with my books yet. but i know i have to, soon! i have no more space :-)

Anonymous said...

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Fifi said...

Came from Christina's blog. Love your layout! I keep my books in a big transparent box. I am still having a bookshelf done to accommodate the books I have :)

-- Fiona at Friday Quotes

52 Faces said...

As much as I fancy living in a house surrounded by book shelves, I rarely buy books, preferring to go to the library instead. It's because I usually don't re-read anything. Although I do listen to the Twilight audiobooks (again) on the subway :) - only to prepare for New Moon's premiere.

tututina said...

Dinah- love what you've done to your blog!! Thanks for letting me see what you've done with the header..Looks fabulous!!

Petula said...

Mine are spread around my home office on various size bookshelves. I used to have them under the beds and in the storage area in boxes, but I cleaned up and cleaned out. I gifted some books and minimized. I like to keep them in subject order and same authors together, but I am running out of space again. Maybe one day I'll come through here and move them around.

I want to one day have a home office that's connected to a library with floor to ceiling bookshelves!