Sep 8, 2009

Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella

I love Sophie Kinsella. Her books are witty and charming, and you can always relate with the life of the heroine. They are not always perfect, but they always triumph in the end for having that innate goodness and tenacity.

The heroine in this book is Lara Lington. She was being haunted by Sadie, her great-aunt from the 1920's, who dresses her in 20'sgarments, hence the title. Sadie was her 105 year old aunt who died of old-age, and Lara heard her during the wake asking for her necklace. Of course, Lara was the only one who could hear her. She stopped the funeral and tried to find Sadie's necklace.

In the process of looking for the necklace, Lara go to know her great aunt and discover new things about herself as well. She found her man, got revenge and found Sadie's great love.

This is a fun read indeed for me. You should read if you love chick lit.

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MommaWannabe said...

I am currently reading this's so hilarious:)!!!