Oct 22, 2009

Chasing Harry Winston

Did you like the book? Me, not really. Something was missing. I was waiting for a major drama to happen and it never did. The story was entertaining but not satisfying. It was blah, if you ask me. And maybe its just me, but I didn't really get the reference to Harry Winston. Sure, I get the jewelry, but aside from Adriana, who else was really after them? Emmy and Leigh were both after relationships and not the trappings of it, right?

But after discussing this book with a friend who liked it, I think maybe the reason I didn't like the book is because I cant relate to their problems. I am a 30-something mother of 3 who loves her husband and has a satisfying career after all! So if your are not all of the above, you may like this book then.

Oct 8, 2009

I Saved A Book!

I have already blogged that my house in Quezon City was flooded but my books were spared. But my other house in Dela Costa Homes in Montalban, Rizal was ravaged. While we were disposing of muddy clothes and linens, I saw a pile of wet books that my neighbor was throwing away as well. So I saved it!

This is the Doomsday Conspiracy by Sidney Sheldon, one of my favorite authors of all time. My husband was looking at me as if I have gone mad. He was wondering how could I throw away a TV, speaker, radio, 2 electric fans, and some more electronic gadgets without even batting an eyelash, but couldn't let go of a muddy, wet book!

I flipped the pages and saw that once dried, the book can be saved after all. So I took it with me and saved it.

Well, you would too if you could, right?

Oct 4, 2009

Ondoy Spared My Books

If you can remember my bookshelf, my Twilight series, Harry Potters and Narnia books are located at the bottom shelf. They are there at the place of honor,easily within my reach and vision. I measured it just now, that portion is up to my neck. Good thing (not that its a "good thing" really), the water reached only up to chest level and spared my beloved books! I was so busy worrying about everything else that by the time I remembered my books, we were already upstairs in my mother-in-law's second floor. We have already given up trying to keep our belongings above water, so the books were the last thing I could have thought of saving. And so when I remembered them, I rushed down towards the stairs and kept on asking if the water level is still rising. I think I expelled the breath I didn't know I was holding when my brother-in-law finally told me that the water was slowly subsiding. I couldn't have come back for them even if I wanted to, because the clothes I changed into were the last dry clothes I had. And because my mother would have called me insane if I went down again in darkness and chest-level water just to save those books! Oh well, they wouldn't "get" it anyway if I did. Only the thought of spending the night or days in wet clothes prevented me from going down again. But I am thankful that my books were indeed spared. Even if the sofa, TV rack, computer table, pictures, old reference books, shoes and a lot more were destroyed or lost in the flood!