Oct 22, 2009

Chasing Harry Winston

Did you like the book? Me, not really. Something was missing. I was waiting for a major drama to happen and it never did. The story was entertaining but not satisfying. It was blah, if you ask me. And maybe its just me, but I didn't really get the reference to Harry Winston. Sure, I get the jewelry, but aside from Adriana, who else was really after them? Emmy and Leigh were both after relationships and not the trappings of it, right?

But after discussing this book with a friend who liked it, I think maybe the reason I didn't like the book is because I cant relate to their problems. I am a 30-something mother of 3 who loves her husband and has a satisfying career after all! So if your are not all of the above, you may like this book then.


Tanyia said...

Oh, I have to say I tried this book and was SO looking forward to it sense I love her sense of humor, but I just could not get into it either. Bleh. Disappointed.

Angel said...

The one thing I like abt her book is her cover, the shoes are so beautiful (since I'm a shoe maniac) but I don't really find her writings as good as the cover.. lol