Nov 23, 2009

Bucket List:Visit Europe

One of my dreams in life is to be able to go out of the country and visit Europe. I have always marveled at the culture, people and places in Europe and hope that someday, I would have saved enough to visit and explore it. I am actually envious of my good friend who will honeymoon there next year! What a lucky girl! And since she knows I dream of going to Europe sometime in my lifetime, she asked me for advice and I told her that it would be useful to check out Hotels Europa Spanien. I use the site to look for nice and affordable hotels in Europe. Another great site is Hotels weltweit buchen. I surf this sites to plan my future travel. My friend also find these websites easy to use and is actually planning her travel and itinerary, now that she can already choose her hotel. I told her that part of her itinerary must be shopping at Timberland Schuhe for those stylish and comfortable footwear while traveling in Europe. I am sure she can find the best style for a travel bug like her.

One day I will be able to visit Europe but in the meantime, I will be content in planning my itinerary and outfit, thanks to these useful websites!


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Faith Li said...

Omg I have a bucket list too!! Lol I want to visit Japan before I die. I also want to write a novel, and a whole bunch of stuff! Mind you, this is coming from a person who fell asleep during the