Mar 31, 2010

To Kill A Mockingbird

Would you believe that I have never read this book until last week? Yes, I am guilty of ignoring the classics and just going for easy reads most of the time. But when I had my hands on some classics from our HR's book sale for a cause, I got me some good ones. In my to-read list are Nick Joaquin's and F. Sionil Jose and War of the Worlds and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for the kids.

Now back to To Kill A Mockingbird. I a touched by the innocence of Scout in her narration in the book and the innate goodness of her brother Jem which I attribute to Atticus. As a parent, I can only wish that I can be as fair and steadfast as he is. I will just let you read Wiki's take on the book for a review, but you have to read it for your self. I was particularly touched when Dill had to go out of the courtroom because he cannot stomach how the lawyer was being mean to Tom. And then I forgot who said it that when good men are being wronged, only children cry.

I hope you get to read the book. This is a good read for parents as well. I would agree that this should be included in the list of books you should read before you die.

Mar 25, 2010

Need Glasses?

Nobody told me back then that it was not good to read books while on a moving vehicle. And since I lived in Las Pinas city and went to school in Manila, I had a 2-hour commute each way, everyday. Armed with a good book, I didn't mind the traffic, the heat or the smell at all! But my eyes suffered though. I used to have bad headaches and was told I need to stop reading while on the bus to prevent it. And now, I have to wear glasses. But I am cheap and I hate spending for myself. But when I read Eric's Review of Zenni Optical, I know that I can now buy as many glasses as I need. Where else can you find Lowest Price Progressive Glasses starting at $8? So I became interested on how they became the #1 online Rx glasses store. I found out that they can offer their glasses cheap because they use no middlemen, and they do not spend on advertising and retail space. They also only charge $4.95 shipping for all your orders regardless of quantity. So you also get savings on shipping charges if you order for your whole family or for several glasses for yourself. If you want more fashionable eyeglasses, you can chosee to spend a little more and they are still the cheapest ones you will ever find!

Mar 15, 2010

Been Reading

My last blog post was in November and I can't believe that it is almost 4 months since my last entry! I have been reading as is my nature, but I haven't read a book worth blogging. Or maybe I'm just lazy or too busy, or both. Anyway, after the Ondoy storm, we bought us a new bookshelf.

Of course, I had the half shelf for my books, and the rest for the kids and their new toys. Can you see that I already have the complete Twilight books, courtesy of my loving husband? And beside it are my Harry Potter books, but I don't have the last book yet. There are no copies in any of the National bookstores I have been (I have GC's) so I am still waiting to find one. I have been busy tinkering techie stuff so I cant find the time to blog. I just bought an Philips mp3 player I can use while I am running, and I have yet to download songs to it!

Anyway, I will try to read more books and share my reviews about them soon. I recently bought a bag full of books for only P300 from our HR department's book drive. I just hope I was able to get good ones.