Mar 15, 2010

Been Reading

My last blog post was in November and I can't believe that it is almost 4 months since my last entry! I have been reading as is my nature, but I haven't read a book worth blogging. Or maybe I'm just lazy or too busy, or both. Anyway, after the Ondoy storm, we bought us a new bookshelf.

Of course, I had the half shelf for my books, and the rest for the kids and their new toys. Can you see that I already have the complete Twilight books, courtesy of my loving husband? And beside it are my Harry Potter books, but I don't have the last book yet. There are no copies in any of the National bookstores I have been (I have GC's) so I am still waiting to find one. I have been busy tinkering techie stuff so I cant find the time to blog. I just bought an Philips mp3 player I can use while I am running, and I have yet to download songs to it!

Anyway, I will try to read more books and share my reviews about them soon. I recently bought a bag full of books for only P300 from our HR department's book drive. I just hope I was able to get good ones.

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