May 19, 2010

Reading as a Punishment?

My eldest son, who is 12 years old , needs a lesson in respecting his elders and as a punishment, I am making his read my Harry Potter books. Now, he feels so punished! I used to bribe him a P100 per book, but he wouldn't read them anyway. He is so into his PSP and his cellphone, and basketball, that he has no interest in reading. I think its a good thing that he has no choice but to read them now. But as I was quizzing him about the second book he just finished reading, his answers came so close to the movie version! Or was it just me? So now, I am reading the books again so I can ask him some details that are not in the movie but are relatively important in the book. He started reading the books last week and he is now reading Prisoner of Azkaban. And I need to buy the seventh book today just so I have the complete series!

Now, can anybody tell me if what I am doing to my son is bad? I love these books and I truly feel that my son will learn a lot from them. But I don't know whether it is bad to force him to read. Hay, parenting tips anyone?


kcatwoman said...

haha its funny, you end up reading those thick novels yourself.

im not sure about the punishment part but im also having a hard time making my small brother read.


zoan said...

hmmm you gave me the idea :) hahaha

i will definitely try this on my little bro eheheh

Amrit said...

don't give him punishment to read books...just make them fell in love with books....Book reading is good habit

Karen and Gerard said...

I'm not a parent but never cared about reading as a kid either. Perhaps you could introduce him to the "Choose Your Own Adventure" book series because they are small paperbacks where you do not need to read the whole book. It gives choices you make along the way and has different endings depending on the choices you make.