Jul 6, 2010

Jude Deveraux, Anyone?

Lately, the books that I like to read are those that wont require much thinking on my part. For me, Jude Deveraux novels fall in this category. The boy meets girl, the girl is not the same as anybody he has met before and they fall in love. I have read about the Montgomery's and the Taggerts, the Peregrines and the Chandler twins. I am now reading Forever, which is about another Montgomery and I like it. Yes, I like her books, not all but I stop reading when I cannot suspend my disbelief anymore. Just like in one of her books that I was not able to continue reading, An Angel for Emily, there was a part there where Emily brought the angel to a barbershop I think to have his hair cut and then the following day his head was aching and there was a bullet lodged on his head! I stopped reading at that part and went looking for another book!

For the most part, her books are not about air-headed women falling for haughty men. They are of women and men looking for love and somehow found it. I like one book where Frank, the eldest and most morose son fell in love with a nurse, a homely girl because she makes his cabin feels like home. My only problem with her books is I cannot remember much of the titles after!

I think at this point I should mention that I read ebooks. I download them in .lit format and read them on my laptop. Again, I need to add here that if i like the book, I buy them even if I read them already. So I am going used-book hunting this weekend to look for some of my JD's, he he!

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