Aug 23, 2010

Dear John

I love it! Its your typical boy meets girl, they fall and in love, they separated because he was in the army, she fell in love with somebody else, he came back but they cant be together anymore type of love story. That is the plot of the book by the way. It is a very easy to read book, the characters are not complicated, but you can feel the goodness of the characters. I cried several times while reading this and despite the unhappy ending for John (and maybe a little for Savannah) I still love this book. I have no intention of watching the movie because the keep saying its crappy. I really love Nicholas Sparks, but my favorite story is still A Love Story by Erich Segal. Now that is one love story!


kimmyschemy said...

Hmmm.. isn't that the movie starrig Amanda Seyfied? I've read another Nicholas Sparks book, I think the title is THE LOOP, not sure though. I also read 'A Love Story' in fact I featured its movie version in Tuesday Couch Potato.

Nice choice of books!

Joann said...

I read this one, I liked it. I am reading "The Lucky One" by him, its not as good.