Aug 4, 2010

Meme or Me Me!

I just saw this meme from Mich's blog, loved it and decided to answer them here!

10 years ago I was...
... working at a freight forwarding company in Manila and only 3 years fresh from school was already feeling burned out. Shortly after, I quit, enrolled in graduate school and found another job in Makati.

5 years ago I was...
...only 28 years old and already a proud mother to 3 kids. Was already 3 years on my current job and realized this one is for keeps. I also started reading blogs at this time but didn't have the courage to start one yet.


...I was all wet from the rain and had hot mami for dinner.

5 Favorite TV Shows...
...How I Met Your Mother
...Shaun the Sheep
...24 Oras

5 Favorite Toys...
- Liway, my laptop
- Diwa, my external hard drive
- Kinang, my canon powershot
- Simang, my new Samsung phone
-Tinig, my Philips Go Gear Aria
...yes, I name my gadgets!

5 Fictional Characters I Would Date...
...Mark Wahlberg (just pick a fictional character for him and I will date him)
...cant think of anybody else!

5 Biggest Joys...
...Noel, my husband
...Drexelle, Danniel and Denise-my kids family and friends work and the pay

5 Places I Would Run Away To...
...Boracay (we were there recently!) house in Montalban
...any country in Asia for my first travel abroad
...Rome or London for work to pray

5 Things I would do with $100M... a house, a car and shop till we drop!
...give to Kapuso Mo Foundation a building named after my father in an elementary school in my hometown
...give money or help my siblings and friends
...treat my family an all expense paid trip somewhere really nice

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