Apr 15, 2011

Be Happy!

A Master's Education

Ten years ago, I enrolled for a Master's Degree in Business Administration at the PUP Graduate School. I was then working in Makati and I pass by the school on my way home. Since I was a graduate of PUP, I thought why not enroll in a Master's degree when I have all the time in the world? I can easily attend a 630 night class and a Sunday class. I finished more than half of the course when I started working with my former company. And then, things happened and I lost interest in pursuing my Master's degree. But now that my kids are all in school and I have free Sundays at hand, I am thinking of going back to school. I am wondering whether those units that I earned before can still be credited to me or if I should take an online gmat test and just apply for an online school. I know that once I finished my course, I will have a better chance of getting a promotion at work. I am actually not sure what it is that stopping me from pursuing this education again but now that it has taken root in my mind again, I might just think very hard about it and decide whether to go for it or not. I just hope that I can decide on the best course of action for me and my family as well. I think this something that I will pray for over this weekend.