Jul 2, 2011

Where Can I Sell Old Books?

There are books in my cabinet that I want to dispose of because I am running out of space and I am wondering where I might sell them. They are mostly old romance novels that I got from friends, or some that I buy from book sale and then never got around to finishing them because they are too bad. I was asking my husband's nephew who is a youth representative here in our place if they are planning on having a book drive because if they plan to put it in our local library then I am okay to just give it all away. I would think it will fill up a big box and free up my bookcase by as much as half! Since my bookcase also has the kid's school books, I really need to create some space. I even have a box full of box at the office that I cant bring home due to lack of space. I am also open to trade my books so if any of you out there can help me dispose them, please let me know.

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