Aug 9, 2011

Do you bring books when you travel?

Do you bring books when you travel? I do, but most of the time, I don't get to read even a single page. I have on my bag now Jeffrey Deaver's Empty Chair for this trip to Cebu, but it is still there in my bag, unopened. I was supposed to read it at the airport but since my sister's family was traveling with us and this was their first time, I was happily chatting away with my sister and didn't need a book to help pass the time. I was busy taking photos of my family, niece and nephew. And at the hotel, I am busy with planning and organizing the itinerary for the next day or arranging bags and looking at pictures that I have no more time to read my book! And when I get my chance on the laptop once the kids are asleep, I blog! Even when it was just me and my husband traveling, I am also unable to find the energy to read. I usually make a full and packed itinerary that once we are in the hotel, I am too tired already to read. So maybe next time, I should just leave my books at home. But what I suddenly have an urge to read and I don't have a book at hand? I guess I will just bring a book along just in case. Better safe, than sorry. It wont make a dent on my luggage anyway.

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