Sep 2, 2011

Make that Christmas List Already!

Today i s the second day of September and that begins the count down to Christmas. And its now only 54 days before the biggest occasion of all! And what better way to enjoy a stress free Christmas than to plan your list t in advances? And the list must be checked and re-checked to make sure that everybody is in it. As a mom, my list usually includes my kid's teachers and other school personnel like the school guard and librarian because they make life pleasant and safe for my kids at school. But since there are restrictions on what you can give them because it may be labeled as solicitation, useful little tokens are always easier to give. Writing materials like pens and notepads area big hit with teachers. I wonder where I can find a local supplier of Amsterdam printing cheap promotional pens that I receive from a bank last year They are cheap when bought in bulk and I can even have them personalized. I think my kids would love to give them away to their friends too if I can find a supplier. There are also gift ideas like fans, umbrellas, mugs and cups that can be bought in bulk and personalized as early as now when its cheaper so I guess I better start making that list and checking it twice! Oh, and i f you ask me what I want to receive this Christmas, would it be too obvious if I ask for books? Ha ha, yes I think I will!

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