Dec 3, 2011

My Son's Bookmarks

My eldest son got bad grades in one of his subjects and as a punishment, he wont be playing any computer games until after I see that his grades have improved. As an added punishment, I am making him read the Twilight books to improve his English vocabulary. And to make it worthwhile for him, I promised to treat him out to KFC for every book that he would finish reading. And while I love reading, I dont have any bookmarks at home. I just fold the pages of the books that I read! So this morning, my son made these!
It reads: Read this book, Challenge Accepted 500 pages. While the one for his sister , who is reading Harry Potter, reads, Tapusin mo ito, may KFC ka.
Justify FullI hope eating out while be enough of an incentive for them to finish the books!

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