Feb 26, 2012

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

I finished reading this book while my eldest child was in the hospital. I had so much time in my hands that the book I decided not to read last month became my sanity! It was so good, I had to ask friends to get me copies of the second and third book in the series! Anyway, I also had to watch the original movie, not the Daniel Craig one, and still find it very good.

Anywaym, the story starts with Mikael. He is a writer and publisher of a magazine and he was sentenced to prison for libel. He was then contacted by Henrik Vanger to find the killer of Harriet, who disappeared some 40 years ago. Lisbeth did a background check on him. He was supposed to be writing an autobiography but was really trying to find Harriet's killer. He actually solved the crime, with the help of Lisbeth who also saved his life. And he was also able to get back to the person who accused him of libel. I know I make a crappy review, but this is really a good book so do yourself a favor and read it!

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