Apr 11, 2012

Battleship Movie Review

Last night, we were given free premiere tickets to the advanced screening of the movie, Battleship. Though it was past 6pm when I got the invitation from my officemate, my husband immediately agreed to go to Glorietta 4. We also invited our friends Ehms and Paul, and they traveled by motorcycle from Malinta, Valenzuela to Makati in less than 45 minutes just to see this movie! And wow, it was worth it!
The plot is simple: we sent a signal to outer space to a planet called G, which resembled Earth in its distance from the distance and could have some forms of life. And as a response, they sent back 5 ships, 4 of which landed in the Pacific Ocean where the US Navy was having its war games exercises. One ship crash landed in Hong Kong where more than a thousand people were killed and that ship turned out to be their communications ship. Then one of the US Army ships went and checked the ships that landed on the sea, a wall of force field separated the three ships from the rest. All of these ships were destroyed in the process. The battleship, the USS Missouri landed the final blow to the enemy and when the force field collapsed, the fighter jets finished them off and the satellite which the aliens were trying to use to communicate back home.
We thoroughly enjoyed the movie because there were lots of references, whether intentional or not to other movies. Sam Shane looked like Megan Fox from Transformers. The ships that can transform into something else were from the Transformers. The aliens were like Bioman and Iron Man! The army man Mick, with his artificial legs looks like Mike Tyson and he did punch the alien on the face! The maneuver they did with the USS Missouri was like a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean and Tokyo drifting. There were lots of light moments with Alex Hopper and the Nagato and their reference to the Art of War. I specially liked the chicken burrito scene when Alex met Shane. My other favorite scene was when Alex and Nagato fought and when caught, they said he slipped and I slipped and their heads just kept banging. So funny! Ordy also looked a lot like Matt Damon, but way funnier, and there was Rihanna also. She was so tiny yet she reminded me of a tough Michelle Rodriguez. All in all, the movie was fun and action packed. I was with great friends who enjoyed themselves because they liked the movie and we had fun. I gave this movie a 4 out of 5.

Special thanks to my friend Blanda and her husband Bobot and to Solar Entertainment, JACK TV, United International Pictures and the sponsors Oishi and Jamaican Patties for the free food samples!

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