May 28, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey

I am reading the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy and I want to put a sign on my door that says, "DO NOT DISTURB."  Ha ha, wow this is literary porn and it is quite enjoyable, no pun intended!  And I am amazed at some scenes(such energy!) and can't help noticing that Bella could be Ana and Christian could very well be Edward.  Oh well, I am on to the 3rd installment and while I find some fault and would skip some of the I love you, I need you, I love you more (ugh!) some parts have great potential.  So back to reading :-) 

May 26, 2012

The World Is A Book!

That is what I feel when I read: that I am transported to wherever the story is happening.  And I guess only people who does read can relate.  But when you read, you escape to that place and you see things the way the characters see them.  I travel back in time or I go to the future, or even out of this world.  I wish other people can experience this!

May 16, 2012

My Reading List

I have not been near a book for some time now and I think its because several things are happening right now that needs my attention.  I have this tendency to be where my book is so I really cant concentrate on reading right now.  I tried reading two books already but they remained unfinished.  So I will try and start reading these books now: Ive Got You Number and David Baldacci's Absolute Power.  Wish me luck in finishing these books soon so I can make a proper review.

May 14, 2012

The Book You Read Depends on Your Mood!

Okay, so maybe its just me. But last week when I was fighting with my husband, I can go through a Judith McNaught book easily. But now that we are in the process of making up, it takes effort not to snort at one of her books that I am currently reading. I am in the mood for some Sidney Sheldon or some John Grisham books.  Or even some Harry Potter, my comfort books. Hmm, I wonder what mood should I be in before I can open my finance books, ha ha. I should be suicidal or really in a bad mood!

May 7, 2012


Camera Critters

There is a cockroach in my bag! Can you imagine the confusion that would have ensued had it been a real cockroach?  Yep, its plastic and a plaything! But it still gives me the creeps!
 And here is my nephew posing with the cockroach on his forehead!  I wonder if he would be as cool if it was the real thing, ha ha! He is a such an adorable kid!