Aug 10, 2012

My Books are Safe and Dry!

Yes, we were flooded again by this nasty weather brought about by the unforgiving Habagat, but I am happy to announce that my books are all safe and dry! Since the water was rising slowly, I had time to pack my beloved books.  I was also afraid that the bookshelf would breakdown as the lower part was submerged in water so even if the water do not rise as high, then the books would get wet.  This time, I was not apprehensive about keeping my books dry as I already have them packed unlike before when I forgot all about them!  So yesterday, when it was time to put the books back, since the bookshelf is not as safe I think, all the books on the top shelf were replaced with stuffed toys and other lighter stuff. But the bottom shelf was still filled to overflowing with books to help support the whole book case.  Anyway, I told my sister we need to have a book sale, and she agreed, only to say that we will have more money to buy new books!

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