Sep 6, 2012

We Need A Tutor!

My kids are aged 15, 9 and 8 and they are studying in one school.  So when exam times are near, we are always on panic mode on the amount of reviews that needs to be done.  My sister does most of the reviewing with the younger kids as she is at home before me after her own classes.  She is now in 3rd year college and will now have her on-the-job training this coming semester.  This means she wont have time to help with tutoring the kids! That is why I badly need a tutor. My friend told me about online tutors like the eduboard and I am checking it out right now.  My kids have schedules when using the computers at home and if this is for something as great as online tutors, then its like hitting two birds with one stone.  They wont be just playing games online, but will also be learning at the same time.  This is actually a great idea and I am raring to show it to them when I get home. They will surely be excited and eager to try online tutoring. And my sister will be thrilled too, I am sure!

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