Oct 31, 2012

Sidney Sheldon: My First Love

Before I knew many authors (or before I knew any better) Sidney Sheldon was my first love.  I love all his books way back in college after I had a chance to read Master of the Game.  Actuallu, Master of the Game is one of my all-time favorite books. So last week, I discovered that my apad has an ebook reader and that it works well with books in .txt format.  Aside from my Sidney Sheldon book collection, I also have them in ebooks so I converted them all and they have been my companion for the past week.  I bring my apad with me to the doctor, to the LTO office and wherever I might need to while away the time reading.  And I have fallen in love with Sidney Sheldon all over again.  I guess first love really never dies.  Anyway, here is a list of his books and I hope you enjoy them too:

The Naked Face
The Other Side of Midnight
A Stranger in the Mirror
Rage of Angels
Master of the Game
If Tomorrow Comes
Windmills of the Gods
The Sands of Time
Memories of Midnight
The Doomsday Conspiracy
The Stars Shine Down
Nothing Lasts Forever
Morning, Noon and Night
The Best Laid Plans
Tell Me Your Dreams
The Sky Is Falling
Are You Afraid of the Dark

Oct 5, 2012

A Child's Imagination at Play!

I just want to share with you some of the things that my kid's imagination created! This was a game, where you fight by drawing your character. And I just find them so creative and cool!
 This is Manny Pacquaio, in case you haven't guessed and his punch is #1!
 And these are various characters they can choose from as their fighter.
 This was an actual fight scene.
 And this one too!
Oh, to be a child and be content with a make-believe world!