Jan 21, 2013

Looking for Alaska

My sister who is turning 21 this year and a senior college student is a late bloomer when it comes to reading. When she was in high school and elementary, as far as I know, she has only read a handful of books.  She only maybe read 2 of my 7 Harry Potter books.  But since she is studying to be a journalist and she discovered that for one to be a great writer, she must read and read and read, she now reads anything, and everything (okay, mostly young adults and a spattering of classics).  So, when I ask her what she is reading, she would tell me try to read Divergent and I loved it.  So when I took a break from reading Fountainhead as its small font is making my head pound, she told me to look for John Greens book.  And i just finished Looking for Alaska last night. As a parent of a 14-year old boy,  I would recommend this book to him.  If only my son would discover the joy of reading! But that's another story.  Yes, it involves underage drinking, smoking and and sex, but I am confident enough that my son would understand that the book is not preaching that its okay to do all that.  He gets all those preaching from me all the time.  What I want him to understand is  that life happens and well, he better be a good person.  Okay, if my son will read, I will probably edit some parts, but very few, ha ha ha.

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