Apr 10, 2013

Kindle Fire Problems

My Kindle Fire cannot read .epub files! I just discover it yesterday when I saved some Meg Cabot books and I cant seem to find them! And since I don't have wifi access since last week, I can't download stuff to convert .epub to .mobi!  Arrgh, I just want to read, but now, I think I have to download games to so that I can do other stuff with it when I am not in the mood.  But will I still have time to read once my kids discover the games.  But since I cannot download Amazon Apps, I can't download any games too! Wahhhhh!!!!!

So to make a long sad story short, I convert the .epub file to .mobi one by one using a an online file converter and I can see them now.  Oh well, good thing I have some down time today. Let's see if I can download the free games I bought on my Amazon account online.  This is beginning to be too much work.!  I just wanna read :(

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