Oct 22, 2013

Write My Paper

I am currently taking up my Masters in Business Administration. I already took this course some 10 years ago but I was not able to finish it due to conflict with my then new employment.  All units that I was able to earn were not credited to me as a condition of my re-admission.  But that's okay as the curriculum is already different, and because I can't remember what I learned back then.  

The reality of juggling motherhood, my career and my studies is something that was really overwhelming these past few months.  There were no sleepless nights, but there was a lot of cramming involved and a lot of stress! But I am already done with one semester, and I know better once classes resume.  I have to prepare a schedule and do all my deliverable on time.  But knowing that there are available options to write my paper cheap does a lot to my mind! If I absolutely have to,  I can check out their services.  But of course, nothing beats old fashioned time management and deleting the word procrastination from my vocabulary! Hahahaha! And for this coming semester, I know that I have learned my lessons and will know do my assignments on time.

Oct 11, 2013

Thirteen Reasons Why

This book is very light reading on a very serious topic.  The story telling is very nice, and I was literally holding my breath on some parts, and even shedding a tear or two for Hannah and Clay.  I hope teenagers get to read this and see the signs of people needing help, and be sure to remember that all our actions, however small, can have impact on other people's lives. 

You may read the summary (and spoilers) here.