Jan 15, 2014

Reading No More!

My Kindle Fire didn't even get to celebrate its birthday when it was snatched from my hands last January 13.  I was able to buy it last year around February, from my boss on very good payment terms. And now, its gone! How will I finish 37 books in 2014 when I don't have a Kindle?!

And yes, it was my fault! I read while riding a jeepney everyday because of the traffic. Unfortunately, I relaxed my guard a little last Monday and pull it out of my bag without noticing that we were on stop sign at the intersection of EDSA and Ortigas.  Then from out of nowhere this guy just pulled it put of my hand and the jeepney was moving as the light already turned green! The driver couldn't do anything as well because the guy was gone in seconds and we were in the middle of the road!  Talk about me having a bad day!

Anyway, I cried just a little bit then prayed that the guy would use the money for something important! And I know that I will be able to somehow buy a new one sometime soon!

Jan 8, 2014

37 Books in 2014: The Reading Challenge

I am joining GoodReads 2014 reading challenge this year! And I intend to read a MINIMUM of 37 books because I will turn 37 this year. And I have already read 2 books and were not done with the first week of the year yet.  Not a bad start, huh?