May 29, 2014

Magnificent Maleficent

Globe and Nuffang's Maleficent movie screening

Last night, we watched the showing of the Disney movie, Malificent starring The Angelina Jolie. Yes, she deserves her own article. The movie was so magnificent, I already forgotten why Maleficent could ever be the bad guy all along! Of course, she has her reasons and of course, I would be as mad as her too. 

Okay, spoiler alert: We know how Maleficent cursed Aurora that she will prick her fingers on a spinning wheel and she will die. In the story, it was the last of the other three fairies who changed it from death to a deep sleep. But in the movie, King Stefan begged her and so Maleficent made it into a death-like sleep that will be broken only by the kiss of true love. King Stefan was just a poor orphan boy with whom Maleficent fell in love with.  But his ambition to someday live in the kingdom made him forget about her.  He worked as a steward to the King, who wanted to invade Maleficent's mores but was defeated. The King said that whoever can kill Maleficent will succeed him, and so Stefan, driven by ambition, went to Maleficent and drugged her. He cannot bring himself to kill her, so she took her wings instead, and so he became king. Maleficent's anguish at the betrayal was such that my hair stood on end! Those wings were her pride and glory! "I had wings once. And they were strong, but they were stolen from me," she said to Aurora. King Stefan sent Aurora to live with the 3 fairies who were so inadequate that Maleficent turned to looking after her. And she loved Aurora, and tried to revoke the curse, but she couldn't. And so it was her kiss, not that of Prince Philip who awaken Aurora and broke the spell.  And they lived happily ever after!

The Angelina Jolie was magnificent all through out the movie.  Her daughter's appearance was also 'awwww-inducing.  It was only Stefan who I didn't quiet like, not because of his performance but because I don't think Maleficent can fall in love with someone who looks like him. Not Brad Pitt, that's what I meant, hence, the wrath was not understandable, hahaha.

But we did enjoy the movie, and my daughter was so happy that she can tell her brother's the real Sleeping Beauty story.